FR-Systems company is a developer of complex hardware and software solutions based on eletronic ocmponents of world-renowned manufacturerssuch as: Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Microchip (Atmel), Analog Devices, Marvell, NXP (Freescale) and many others.


  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Prototyping and MVP development
  • Technical and business consulting

Major business directions


Our main specialization is an implementation of contemporary systems of telemetry, monitoring, and remote control with the use of modern achievements in data transmission technology, including all types of wireless protocols and solutions (Bluetooth, ZigBee, IEEE802.15.4, WiFi, 6LoWPAN, Sub-1GHz transmitters), as well as data tansmission over powerlines (PLC - Power Line Communication) and other wired and wireless interfaces.

Software development

Hardware development

Prototype and MVP development

Technical and business consulting

Turnkey hardware and software solutions 


We offer the wide range of services in development of electronic devices. Our business model aims both at building complete hardware-and-software turnkey solutions, and at offering dedicated services depending on customer requirements.

Professional approach


Our team professionally render services to let customers focus on their business tasks and builging business processes while we provide technology support, from first ideas and insights to efficient implementation of required solution.

Hardware and software