Full spectrum of services

  • Develop and produce complex hardware and software devices
  • Develop system solutions for dispatching and monitoring pf industry objects
  • Implement complex technology objects related to collection, processing, and transmitting data from remote objects
  • Integration of system solutions into diverse technological systems
  • Industry automation and telemetry
  • Disoatching objects
  • Full-cycle system solution development

About company

Our team

More than 18 years in IT marketing (software development, complex system integration). Development and promotion of innovation startups.

Multichannel marketing and market research (content strategy and copywriting, email campaigns and CRM, business intelligence and reporting, end-to-end analytics).

More than 20 years in information technologies. 

100+ successfully implemented IT projects in various industries: banking software, telecommunications, medical technologies, embedded software.

Practical experience in managing large distributed teams.

More than 20 years of practical experience in building electronic devices and systems.

Development of complex hardware solutions in the following fields: wireless sensor networks, telemetry for industrial objects, medical technology equipment, access control systems, street lighting and many others.

Gennady Zubkov

Yury Nosov

Геннадий Зубков

Alexander Vlasov

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