Project services


  • Development of complex hardware and software solutions based on microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Fixed-price project implementation
  • Development and maintenance of minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Creation of dedictaed teams for specific project requirements
  • Flexible project teams for project phases and different tasks
  • Outsourcing testing services until receiving the working MVP
  • Audit and validation of product solutions
  • Product roadmap development and process maintenance
  • Expertise check of the current team for correspondence with a project and the pdocut under development
  • Technical consulting services at any project phase
  • Project consulting services
  • Business consulting at preliminary stages of the product
  • Fit-to-market product positioning





Product portfolio


Numerous successfully developed projects.
Satisfied customers from diverse industries.

Key services

Development of software for microcontrollers

Drivers for devices, protocol stacks, system interfaces

Testing software development

Remote device management and monitoring of remote objects

Mobile application development

Technical documentation for software

Development of electronic devices based on microprocessors and microcontrollers

Development of different printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Selection of required components and development of Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Maintenance of test prototype development process

FPGA firmware programming

Building prototypes and MVP development

Consulting as of selection of components, materials, and manufacturers

Adaptation of design documentation for production and development of product

Maintenance of test prototypes

Software development
Hardware development